We are a long term relationship based firm who endeavour to help solve major issues or specific problems on behalf of our clients. Our firm specialises in providing consulting services where there is a need for company changing appointments. We do work for the private sector for both publically listed and privately owned companies.

We also work for Non Profit organisations, Corporatised entities and significant regulatory bodies, particularly sports and entertainment bodies. Offshore we are experienced for clients based in Asia, Middle East, Africa, UK , US and South America.  We have also done work in India.

Our alliance with Spectrum further improves our clients capacity to achieve true global reach with high levels of due diligence.

Key differentiators

  • Spend time up front with the organisation to understand the issues and develop a detailed diagnostic brief, thereby representing our clients appropriately and presenting the role specification with accuracy.
  • We have a ‘bespoke’ approach to development of our role specifications and to the search strategy.
  • Few ‘off limits’ which allows us to provide our clients with greater access to candidates than is the case with larger search firms.
  • We work on behalf of our clients and we work hard to get the best candidates. We are persistent and will often re approach candidates if we feel the role makes sense for their career.
  • Limit our number of clients/ engagements to a manageable and reasonable level to allow proper focus on each engagement.
  • Treat our candidates with respect, through keeping candidates informed, as we are representing our clients brand.
  • Provide transitional assistance and long term help for successful candidates to ensure our clients achieve the best results.
  • For CEO or Chairman appointments, we understand and can help with the broader needs of the capital markets.
  • Our alliance with the world leading Spectrum Group means our clients have access to second to none due diligence and investigative resources.
  • The firm does not undertake easy engagments.