Who We Are

Established in 2015, Mahony Global Consulting was set up to address a growing demand for high value bespoke and personalised  management consulting services at the top end of executive management and boards.  The Firm, which is privately owned, has linkages and long term relationships around the globe which enables us to access candidates and add value to our clients, helping solve major issues that involve its human resources.  Our ownership and focus also enables us to take a long term view on our relationships as well as add cross industry insight. In 2017 we formally added additional global capability establishing a formal alliance with Spectrum Gaming. The alliance gives our clients access to a top tier global advisory

firm offering independent research and professional services in various specialised sectors. The team is made up of experienced search professionals all with a commitment to helping define and to solve the client’s issues.  All have had extensive experience in the broader aspects of search and succession planning that can often be necessary to solve client problems.  All our team have also had extensive experience in successfully completing complex senior level global assignments.  For CEO or Chairman appointments, we understand and can help with advice on the broader and often neglected needs of the capital markets. This is a key differentiator for our firm. Our distinctive high touch approach involves working very closely with our

client to fully understand their issues and develop a bespoke strategy to address these issues . This is driven by a philosophy that our clients do not come to us with the easy assignments. It requires hard work to solve client leadership issues. In search related engagements, we spend a lot of time up front with the organisation’s leadership to understand the issues and to develop a detailed diagnostic brief, thereby representing our clients appropriately and presenting the role specification with accuracy.

Our best client is always our current client.

There are 5 key areas of our practice

  1. Executive and Non Executive Search
  2. Leadership Assessment, Development Programmes and Succession Planning for the Executive Team. Succession planning for the Board
  3. Organisational Re Structure
  4. Board Performance Audit and Gap Analysis
  5. Independent research, due diligence, and professional services through Spectrum, our alliance partners.

We work at the CEO and the direct reports level as well as at the Board level for CEO and NED appointments. We are a retainer based firm and do not take on contingent fee arrangements. We do work for the private sector for both publically listed and privately owned companies. We also work for Non Profit Organisations, Corporatised Entities and significant regulatory bodies, particularly in sports, gaming and entertainment.  Offshore we are all well experienced working for clients based in Asia, Middle East, Africa, UK, US and South America as well as dealing with candidates in those jurisdictions. We have also done work in India.

Mahony Global Consulting’s guiding client strategy is to focus on deep relationships with few clients.  In this way we rarely have ‘off limits’ issues, giving our clients greater access to candidates that they otherwise they would not have with larger organisations.  We also work in close partnership with our clients, spending time to fully understand their needs, the issues to be addressed and the important cultural aspects of our clients.  We work on behalf of our clients and we work hard to get the best candidates. We are persistent and will often re approach strong candidates who may have said ‘no’  if we feel the role makes sense for their career as well as solving our clients key problem. We also work hard to make sure both the client and candidate experience is a positive one.